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The application of vinyl wrap enhances the appearance of your vehicle with a new color or design, without permanently altering the original paint. Along with your vehicle's new visual appeal, vinyl also acts as an extra layer of protection to preserve your original paint.

Longevity of a vinyl wrap will always depend on how well it is maintained. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning, and automatic car washes in order to preserve your vinyl wrap for many years. Important techniques will be shared to guide you in the right direction for proper care.

Your current paint condition will directly affect the durability and appearance of the vinyl wrap. If your paint has imperfections such as chips, dents, rust, or rough textures, they may cause the vinyl wrap to not adhere properly, and you may see these textures after the vinyl is installed. At some point, you may choose to remove your vinyl wrap. If your paint was in poor condition prior to vinyl wrapping, the removal could cause further damage. By ensuring that your paint is in good condition, the vinyl will enhance your vehicle's appearance and preserve your paint properly.

A Full vinyl wrap will completely cover all of the visible exterior original paint. Normally, this does not include the interior door jams, trunk, or hood, but can be done at an extra cost. This is important to consider when choosing your vinyl color. Ex: If you choose a Black Vinyl wrap to cover your White vehicle, the heavy contrast between the two will be visible when you open the doors and still see White paint in the jams.

Our price ranges for Vinyl Wrapping are determined by the size and shape of your vehicle, the current paint condition after we inspect it, and your choice of the vinyl color & finish.
So, what exactly are you paying for? 
- The cost of the quantity of vinyl needed to wrap your vehicle.
- Thorough cleaning process to prepare the vehicle's surface.
- Removal of parts, such as emblems, door handles, and molding, in order to have better access to areas when applying the vinyl.
- Measuring and cutting the vinyl in accordance with the dimensions of panels.
- The vinyl application. Smoothing, heating and stretching, trimming and so on.
- Post-installation cleaning of the surface.
- Reinstalling or assembling any removed parts and giving your vehicle any necessary final touches! 

We provide a 1-year warranty that covers any premature peeling, lifting or fading of the vinyl. It is best to point out any of these potential issues when they are first noticeable so that we can address them and find the best way to fix them. When doing the paint inspection prior to wrapping your vehicle, we will mention any areas of poor condition that may not be covered by the 1-year warranty. We do not usually provide any warranty to vehicles that have ceramic coating prior to us laying vinyl overtop.

THE INLAY PROCESS: In some cases where deep recesses or sharp edges are found, the inlay process would be used in order to achieve a more intricate and professional appearance. This process allows us to place two pieces of vinyl on a body line in order to help prevent premature wear of the vinyl, which means that you may see a 'line' where the two pieces meet, rather than it being completely smooth. Normally, we are able to hide them well.
CERAMIC COATING: This protective layer can be beneficial to do over your new wrap so that it helps preserve the color and smoothness of the vinyl. This has the potential to add many years to your vinyl wrap, at a reasonable extra cost. 

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