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Tanner Urban
Lead Designer, Lead Printer, Lead Installer, Customer Service, Sales.

Tanner was born and raised in Poughkeepsie,

New York. As an ambitious Marketing 

Undergraduate from Marist College, Tanner

pursued his dream of starting 


From a young age, Tanner has had a strong passion for cars, trucks, planes, and everything alike. Once Tanner was old enough to drive he realized he was never satisfied with the color of his car for a long period of time, so he decided to wrap it himself. Developing a love for the art of installing vinyl wrap and having the ability to apply it to a career path gave Tanner the opportunity to implement his lifelong passion and newly acquired skills into his own business.


Shane Viggiano
Shop Manager 

shane working.jpg

Shane was born in Texas, then moved to Oregon shortly after. He moved back to New York in the early 2000's to be closer to his family! Similar to the rest of the team, Shane has always been into cars, snow sports, bikes and anything with an engine. He went to school for graphic design and visual arts. Shane also has over 16 years of auto mechanic and body shop experience. Since late 2021 Shane has been a critical asset to UD!

George Guzman
Lead Installer 

George joined the UD team in late 2022 with interest in learning the vinyl wrapping process. Since then, he has developed fine skills in wrapping and trimming vinyl, paying close attention to detail on every vehicle that enters the shop. Being a lover of cars, he finds satisfaction in playing a major role in the process of customizing the appearance of any vehicle.

It is without a doubt that George shows up every day with great humor and optimism that is contagious to the rest of us, making the harder days of work a lot brighter. He is a dedicated asset to the UD team! 


Contact us today if you are interested in joining our team!
(845) 559-3692 

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