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1. After getting your vehicle wrapped, we
highly recommend changing your color on your registration to the new vinyl color. UD Wraps LLC is not responsible for any tickets received if one fails to make the registration change.
2. The purpose of vinyl wrap is to protect and prevent wear to the original surface of the vehicle that it is being applied to. However, this is not a permanent resurfacing for your vehicle. The sun is very harmful to unlaminated vinyl surfaces, therefore you should always avoid long periods of direct exposure to sunlight. Vinyl wrap has a life expectancy of between 2-5 years depending on the color and finish. The
life of the vinyl wrap is strongly contingent on proper maintenance and sun exposure. UD Wraps LLC does not take any responsibility for damage to the wrap or the vehicle during this time or during application. 
Be aware that all vinyl wrap colors behave differently in tight corners, aggressive body lines, and deep air vents. This can cause premature wear, air pockets and poor weather resistance. Inlays are a process that allows the wrap artist to use two separate pieces of vinyl strategically placed to help prevent premature wear of the material. This process may not always be successful.
4. As previously stated, the intention of vinyl wrapping a surface is to protect the surface which it is adhered to.
When removal is desired, it is highly recommended you contact professional help or follow instructions online from a trustworthy source. Be aware that there may be undetected paint defects on your vehicle prior to wrapping, especially if any parts of the vehicle were repainted (see Carfax for damage). During removal, these defects may become more noticeable and even during proper removal, paint may peel or lift.
The full payment amount that is agreed on between UD Wraps LLC and the customer prior to installing the wrap is due before the vehicle keys are returned to the customer. If your vehicle sits more than 10 days in our shop after the day of completion, a $100 holding cost will be charged per week, with a minimum of one week.
6. Renderings of your vehicle design are within a 15% size margin, so
prints may not always look as large as the rendering that we have provided to you for custom wraps
7. This agreement gives Tanner Urban and UD Wraps LLC permission to
use your vehicle for advertising purposes to help promote the service or company.
8. Warranty claim approvals are at Tanner Urban's discretion. 

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